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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

compost bins

I've had these pallets for several months. My neighbor was able to get them for free for me. I've had a vision for a 3 bin composting system in this unused space in the alley for a long time. At first I wanted to grow something back here like pumpkins or sunflowers or hops. But we have some noxious weed that grows 8 feet tall and we've had tarp down for 5 years and can't seem to get rid of it fully. That's why I have a tarp and plywood down as well. I spent a few hours one day digging up as much of the weed as I could before covering it as closely as I could to the garage. I definitely don't want any of it in my nice, organic compost! Those two cylindrical bins to the left are compost bins as well but are meant to be basically left alone. They take up to 2 years and mine seem to be taking longer as they aren't getting much water in them. Plus, I'm making a lot of material with the chicken poop and wood shavings from the coop. So I needed a system where I could turn it more easily and keep up with the amount of yard waste we are creating. I'm hoping this will be ready in 3 months like I've been reading. Should have done this last fall but life happens.

So I used screws and nails depending on where I could get the tools to reach or how hard the wood was. Pallets are made from some seriously hard wood! Plus, our little drill doesn't really have the power that a professional's drill has. So I am not posting close ups in order to not embarrass myself with my Dad. I'm hoping by the time he visits there will be enough compost in these that he can't see the various screws half in and half out because I couldn't get the drill to extract them and all the bent nails. I know some people have fronts on their bins and lids. I may do that at some point but right now, I just need a space to keep things separate. I don't really need this kind of height but I'm about conserving energy and using what little time I have each day. This was put together during the one hour that my daughters gave me at nap time. All materials were found including the screws and nails from a bucket in our garage. I'm excited to reap the benefits of our own compost and all that chicken waste!! The garden will be so happy.


Jennifer said...

Hey Gretch, Gene put together a similar kind of compost bin with the pallet but also put a bottom on it (another pallet for air circulation). Not sure that's necessary as long as you can turn the compost. I'm assuming you have a good pitch fork now as well :-) ?

Finding My Truth said...

Since this post, the neighbor tore this down because it technically is not homeowner space. Even though when you drive down most alleys in Seattle, you will find a variety of compost bins and storage units. BUT, I will be rebuilding it in the yard and have been pitchfork shopping.