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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Beauties

Red Currant
 What I really wanted to take a picture of was the beautiful plot of garden that I just finished planting with carrots and corn.  Calico popcorn to be specific and long slender orange carrots and Purple Haze, purple carrots.  I'm so excited about these and I can totally see the potential that is soaking in that beautiful dirt.  It was so wonderful to rake away the wood chips and start turning the soil only to discover the fantastic compost that has been cooking away over the winter. 
  I used cardboard as a sheet mulch in the garden space and covered it with wood chips.  I wasn't planning on using this space as a veggie garden this year but have changed my mind and was happily surprised at the fantastic soil awaiting some plants.
 So while I'm waiting for those plants to pop through the earth, I am relishing in all of these established plants that are blessing us this spring.  We've been working on our gardens for several years.  Most of the plants in our yard, save maybe a handful, were given to us by our friends and neighbors.  It has been a slow, patient process to fill the spaces and soften our yard and make it our own without a huge financial investment at one time.  And the patience is paying off.

Can't remember but it was my Mother's Day gift from Lucy.
 I was wandering the yard recalling the history of each plant.  Who gave it to us.  Where it came from.  What kind of space we wanted to create with each plant.  I am loving the manifestation of our ideas and the love from our friends. 
All that food in one tiny cold frame!
 And I'm so excited for sharing what we grow.  Cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, peas, leeks, scallions, those calico popcorn kernels, purple carrots and so much more!  Oh yes, a beautiful thing, this garden!


Jennifer said...

Can't believe you already have so much in bloom! Gene is expanding our garden this year by nearly double and is also just relishing in the pleasure of planning. Isn't spring wonderful?!

Dan and Gail said...

So glad you posted the pictures. The blooms will probably be gone when we get there. The seedlings look great. Can't wait to share in their bounty.