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Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting to Simple

I received my weekly newsletter from Hannah's Harvest a few days ago and I've been unable to take on her challenge.  She was talking about finding our simple.  You know...those things or systems that we either add or take away to help fill our lives with more ease and peace. 

I've had a week of nursing two kids and then myself through a nasty stomach virus.  I am stressed about so many things right now that the sicknesses just added to that pile.  Plenty of complexity, not enough simple.  And yet, today, after my lovely husband got the youngest one to sleep for a nap even though she was screaming my name and then took the oldest to the park, I am sitting here feeling a little space.  And simple comes to mind.

What do I do with this moment?  As I look around me and allow myself to sift through the stresses in my mind, I keep hearing Hannah's words.  "As we are looking to make space for joy and purpose in our life, our health, even our relationships, starting with simple can challenge us."  Yes, to allow freedom of movement and creativity.  I need lots of simple, because I need lots of creative thought and problem solving.  I do not want to be bogged down with inefficient mundane tasks or with my poor coping skills because I've stretched too far.

So here is my simple list for where I am today:

I need quiet EVERYDAY!  Usually mid-day so I can restore myself for the next phase of the day.

Knowing my coping responses helps me recognize that when I am craving a long nap or to zone out with the TV and some munchies what I really need and will love is a walk or yoga, a green smoothie and a shower.

Keeping up with the laundry.  A load each day is so much more manageable and keeps my stress low.  I already have a great sorting system in place.  Now I just need to keep that machine working.

Scheduled work and exercise time that is honored by all family members!!

The garage sale we are having next weekend is already helping me feel free.  Each day I'm sorting, purging and making room.  Clearing the clutter and moving to a new stage in our family life. (no more baby gear/clothes)

Yes, these things will help me keep it simple.  And will bring me freedom!

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Hannah said...

Beautiful. Simple. Moving on.