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Monday, July 25, 2011

So many new pictures and yet, not enough

I realized we haven't had the camera out much this past month.  We've been focusing so much on packing, traveling and unpacking.  And yet, we've had some really great moments with the girls too.  Just didn't have the camera at hand.  I'm finding it an interesting perspective as we live very "in the moment".  There is something about not documenting for the future and just relishing in what is right then.  No interruption.  The girls know.  They can feel when we've separated from them by putting a camera in their space instead of connecting with them.  Its a balance. 

And yet, we've also caught some cute moments too.  Like these from the last days in Seattle when we were trying to get in our final playdates with friends.  Friends whom we miss daily right now.  Lucy is really struggling with this. She has a couple times each day when she is most sad.  Luckily she is able to talk about it but its really hard to hear.  She has said things like, "you didn't do this for us, you moved because of your work."  "Or...I have no friends here and I don't want to live here."  Yeah...crazy hard to hear.  We're doing our best to get out in the neighborhood and meet some kids so she can find some new playdates. 

Or just some cute moments when we decided to make homemade ice cream.  We are loving our cuisinart machine as it is SO crazy easy!!  This one is coconut milk, agave sweetener, carob powder and strawberries. 

And then when we reached Colorado the fun has been in exploring play with a cousin that is feeling a lot like a sibling.  Things are settling down but the first few days were pretty hectic as they all moved in a pack.  So excited to be together and so irritated with each other as they learned how to set their own boundaries.  We are all trying to figure out what our boundaries are.  When can the kids come over, how do we monitor the play in the backyard and how often are we going to eat together.  Right now, we've had lots of picnics together in the yard.  Its hot here and its just easier in some ways.  Lucy is getting better at accepting that other people can eat things she cannot.  The dogs are thrilled that there are so many kids eating in the yard.

Everyone helping unload the truck.  Did you notice our welcome signs and balloons?

I know this picture is hard to see but a really funny moment happened the day I finally unpacked all of our clothes.  The girls thought it was super funny to dress up in our clothes.  Lucy led the experience and dressed Edie in whatever she could find.  Some moments they came out giggling with dresses and high heels or with Daddy's shirts.  Lucy cracked herself up.  I'm surprised they haven't done this before. 

We're all getting to know our new space better and better each day and the boxes are getting fewer and fewer.  I suspect we'll be finished in the next couple days.  The mission right now is to find Lucy some friends to play with so we're off to the park this morning.  More to come now that I know where the camera is again.

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