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Friday, January 14, 2011


We spoke with a realtor this week. We haven't actually gotten the final word yet but her first thought was about $10,000 less than what we owe. Yep, if we decided to move or NEEDED to sell the house, we would probably leave with $10,000 still to pay. When we bought this house 6 years ago, we had the belief that we would buy our first home and it would be small but at least we'd be in the market. We'd have an asset. Then, of course, in a few years after starting a family there would be a time to sell and move to a larger house and we'd bring along a little down payment. This is SO not what is happening.

I have been speaking with lots of folks recently about intentions and how to truly manifest them in our lives. I am blessed to have gathered many friends, spiritual guides, and strangers who have similar beliefs so that when then topic arises, I get a common response. Keep your focus on the vision or intention. Speak it out loud, make an alter, write it down wherever you can in order to keep attention there. Then allow the universe to respond. But the hard part is not in creating the intention. I find that I know what I want. That is easy. The hard part is in allowing it to happen.

Sounds kind of silly really but recently, our minister at church addressed this issue. Most of us have beliefs that get in the way of our intentions. All our thoughts and beliefs are powerful and manifest themselves for us daily. We just don't realize that the unconscious ones keep showing up.

My health coach just asked us to think about the beliefs that will hold us back from our intention this year if we don't let them go. My intention is to be guided by passion. I want to feel deeply connected to my true self in my relationships, work and creative life. And then I thought about the beliefs that are blocking that intention.

This was painful. And as soon as the thoughts popped in, which was rather quickly, I started judging the judgments. Seriously...this stuff is wrapped tightly.

1. I can't live with passion because I don't look the part - yeah...ridiculous right? But in my mind, I realized that I feel like passionate people live more boldly or are more visible. Maybe because I'm drawn to them. And I'm not happy with the way I look. I don't look like I live with passion because I don't take care of my body like I should. That needs to go. I've been more kind to my body in the past year than ever before. And EVERYONE deserves to live passionately from wherever they are. Including me!!

2. I don't know what my passions are. - This one is really haunting me. How am I supposed to be making decisions from this place and making changes in our family life if I don't know what really makes me sing. I know who I am and need to trust myself. I think this is more about me becoming honest than discovering some new talent or job.

3. I don't have time to find out what my passions are. I need change NOW in my daily living. I don't have time to take a bunch of classes, do a bunch of belly button investigations to determine what works and what doesn't. And yet, I know once I open up, the universe will respond. I just keep shutting the door. Its time to swing wide the doors.

So today I will find ways to see my intention EVERYWHERE and stay focused. And send these blocking thoughts right out that door!!!

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Lucretia said...

This is pretty much what our realtor told us. And we refused to list it at that price. Now we are landlords...