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Friday, January 7, 2011

Making This Thing Happen

So the past few months have been a real wake up call for me. The discovery of a gluten intolerance created a full grieving experience as I was pretty angry, sad, helpless and am still in a bit of denial. I haven't fully made the change. When I am eating with intention and consciousness, I eat gluten free and feel great. When I emotionally eat, I still indulge in glutenous stuff and feel pretty awful. But this is all a process, right?

I also took a break from blogging here and our family site these past few months as I was trying to maintain a calm that has been absent since before we had kids. I have just had a hard time managing the emotional and logistical needs of a household. I did a lot of self reflection and continued to gain support from my hero health coach, Hannah Marcotti at Hannah's Harvest. She has been leading me through some tough times but I so appreciate the mix of food, health and spiritual support.

So my husband and I have had some tough discussions over the past couple weeks. They really are the same conversations we've had over the past couple years. You may have had similar ones. The jist is:
  • Neither one of us is happy with our daily work lives whether it be outside the house or in the home.
  • While we live pretty simply, our current set up in a small house, in an expensive market where our value is down and we don't have the funds to expand is making daily life difficult.
  • We both want to feel like our daily living decisions are driven by sustainability, gentleness on the earth, a sense of competence and self-reliance and the expression of our unique gifts and talents that fulfill us spiritually.
But where do we go from here? How do we take a leap? What do we do to earn an income? Do we need to get out of this house? Do we need to leave our community to find a more affordable living situation?

So we are in limbo but we both feel the pull like we are on the edge. Right there. While we've had the conversation before, we talked from a place of fear, denial, and holding back. We're both ready to leap now. We're both anxious and worried but we realized we can't keep functioning in this space. The cost of a family where both parents are unhappy with their work lives, feeling stifled creatively and stressed about every dime being spent is too big to continue. No matter the unknown.

So here we go. Back on track and ready to share the painful and joyful steps along the way. Please feel free to share your strategies and thoughts as well. One thing that is certain is that group thoughts and resources will only benefit the whole group directly or indirectly. Its the beauty of technology really.

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