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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Craft Week - Travel Jewelry and Make up Case

My niece shows horses and is traveling regularly.  She was having a birthday and I thought it might be fun to finally figure out how to make a jewelry/make up case that I liked.  I've seen lots of tutorials for the jewelry pouch but I wanted something that could do double duty.  She needs spaces for barrettes and hairpins but also jewelry, make up and other small items that can get lost in a duffel. 

I sketched this design after viewing LOTS of ideas online.  It was much faster to put together than I had thought it would be.  As long as I was paying attention to the layers and what needed to happen first. 

I made the zipper pocket first, then cut and top stitched the middle pocket that has the circles on it.  I then placed both of these on the brown fabric and stitched them into place.  I added the ribbons at the top and stitched lines into the middle pocket so it would be several pockets.  The one step I missed that I should have done at this stage was to stitch across the ribbons so they were stable once they had barrettes or necklaces wrapped around them.  I ended up doing this in the end but the stitches had to go all the way through both fabrics and it would have been nicer if they were hidden.

After everything was stitched onto the inside piece, I measured for the button on the outside piece.  I pinned the wrong sides together to get a clean edge and pinned the elastic piece for the button closure.  Once turned inside out, I added the top stitch across the bottom.  I really like this little pouch although I think next time I'll use a different clasp.  I think the button was not quite right.  But I still think its a cute little case.

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Dan and Gail said...

How cute!!!! Erin will love it. Her next show is June 2-4 in Indy.