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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama Friends

I've been thinking about all my mama friends this week.  Have you felt the tug?  Each person's face in my mind stirs such warmth in my heart.  I am so blessed.  This mommyhood thing is amazing.  I don't think I'm unique in my experience.  Nothing has ever required so much emotional expression, physical challenge, mental stamina, patience and support while simultaneously giving back great joy and connection. 

I am finding myself surrounded by women who have entered motherhood from a variety of starting points.  Are moving through it on different paths, with different responses to similar challenges.  We all want our children to grow with confidence and opportunities to express themselves, a strong sense of who they are and knowing they are loved.  And yet, how we support and guide these beings is just as unique as each of them. 

I am inspired by the patience, the humor, the gentleness, the strength and determination of the women who have crossed my path thus far.  I am energized by the fierce advocacy, the commitment and the ability to forgive oneself.  I am so grateful for the friendship, the support, the hours of listening and laughing with me, the honest feedback and gentle guidance.  I am grateful for the wisdom of one's experience and the allowance to be in my space as best as I can on this journey.  We often hear of mothers and women challenging each other and being judgmental of each other's ways of being a mother.  I do not experience this.  I experience compassion and gentleness and I am blessed.

So again, to all my Mama friends...I send out lots of love today and respect for you as my guides and companion on this journey of motherhood.  Thank you for sharing yourself, your challenges and your joys with me.  I am a better Mama with all of you so close beside me!

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Jenny Lau Bradbury said...

What a heartfelt reflection, Gretchen. I also feel so fortunate to walk this road in the good company of other mothers who support and encourage one another. I'm grateful too!

Happy Mother's Day! -JennyB