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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Thing About Intentions...

I have a strong belief in the effectiveness of setting intentions.  Not goals, but intentions and that the mind creates easy pathways for our intentions to come to fruition or the mind creates all kinds of blocks and filters to narrow our possibilities.  Or, more clearly, what we think, we experience.

You see, this move was on our minds three years ago.  And during all the stress of the past 3 years, we kept saying what we wanted.  Usually in the moment of distress like, "I just want to live near family so we can have some help!"  Or "We need a living situation that doesn't require this level of income to support!"  Or "I want to live where we can walk or bike to all that we need and the car can gather dust!"  We weren't meditating on our intention.  We were just begging for something different.

As we've been telling people about our move, most responses are "Wait!  What?  Why?"  My response has been changing the more I talk about it.  Sure, the fact that we are unemployed is a catalyst but going to a small town of 6000 people from a big city seems like a strange move based on the need for work.  And believe me, I'm seeing the looks on the faces of people thinking we're moving just to find work.  And sure, we need some help getting out of the house since we can't afford to pay for it right now.  But we could have rented here or taken a free rent house from a couple other family members in other parts of the country.

We woke up to realize that our intention was manifesting and we needed to jump in and honor it.  I believe we all have something to give to the world, even if there are times when our minds add roadblocks.  I have to stay focused or I get sucked back in to all the doubts.  Why can't we thrive in a small community?  Especially if that is exactly what we've been wanting.  Maybe we're not finding the work we want to do here because we're not supposed to be here.  This place is not a part of our vision.  The community piece was here but not the other pieces.  I want it all and believe it will show up just as we need it.  I have the past couple weeks of experiences to prove it.  All that we need is showing up right as we need it.  As long as we don't start spiraling down the dark hole of doubt.

Yes, our minds are very powerful indeed.  So I'll take another risk here and share my intention.  Because I also believe in the power of group thought.  The more people sharing the same vision, the greater chance it will show up.  So if you want to give a little gift today, see this showing up for me.

I intend to nourish and inspire others while living in community and experiencing financial prosperity.

The site of our wedding seven years ago.  Really fun to come back with our children at the moment we are making big changes. 
How will I do this? many ways.  More ways than I could come up with on my own, I'm sure..  But...I have ideas in the works.  A retreat center that grows much of its own organic food.  A place for people to create, heal, gather, connect with nature, etc.  And maybe some books.  I have a few children's books written that could become great. I also have two adult non-fiction books outlined waiting for attention.  Or maybe its connecting with other Mamas and creating space for us all to find ourselves again and share our female strength and intuitive powers.  Who knows.  Maybe all of those things. We'll see how the path unfolds.

My vision for myself and my family is VERY clear.  I can see myself in 25 years relishing the fruits of the trees planted this next year.  What is your personal intention?  That thought that keeps creeping into your mind.  Maybe in the most stressful of times when you know what you really want.  Go ahead and say it to yourself.  Then to someone else.  Write it here.  The more attention you give, the quicker it will show up.  And you don't have to know how it will happen.  You just need to be ready to jump when it does.

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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful family and a beautiful vision! Gretchen, your vision of your intentions and now putting them into action is inspiring. The future holds amazing things for those who seek to find them. I'm still trying to clarify my vision for our immediate family but I'm motivated by you to figure it out. Thank you!