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Friday, January 15, 2010


I attended a memorial service today for a woman who lived an extremely full life until the age of 96. She was spoken of as being incredibly optimistic, generous and always present. Each person laughed about feeling like her best friend until they discovered that she treated everyone like her best friend. I only just met her a couple years ago and probably only met with her a total of 8 times. But I was incredibly moved to be a part of this service and be reminded of how a life can be lived.

When I think about living sustainably, I include trying to live as authentically as possible with a deep connection to my truth and purpose. Sometimes, I think so grandly about what I want to accomplish, where I want to go and what great social change I want to lead. This woman was at the head of many social change movements in her lifetime. She founded organizations that are still functioning strongly years after they were created. She impacted the lives of teachers who changed the lives of children. She did amazing things in her lifetime. And yet, she was remembered as a woman who always answered, "splendid" to the question of 'how are you?' and who remained playful until her last days.

But mostly everyone talked about her being present, in the moment at all times and listening so deeply to them. I think these are the lessons, aren't they? Listen deeply, live in the present moment and great things will happen. This is the lesson I will practice today.

Blessings and joy
Docia Zavitkovsky 1913-2009

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