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Monday, September 6, 2010

Elimination Diet

So here we go. Tomorrow is day one without soy, wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy and citrus. I went to the store today and it took me a lot longer as I kept trying to find a replacement for some of our favorite items. I was trying to minimize the adjustments we will have to make and finally decided, this will just be an adjustment. There are not easy alternatives to everything even when living in Seattle with so many food resources.

I'm not as prepared as I was hoping. I have lots of veggies and fruits. I have a great cookbook called Feeding the Whole Family which I have been cooking from for a while and the PCC Natural Markets website has great recipes with searchable criteria like avoiding all these allergens. My health coach also gave me ideas and will be supporting me through it.

I'll try to post each day to let you know how things are going. Right now I am a mix of emotions. I'm excited to have a few days of being so focused on putting really great things in my body and discovering how it responds. I'm also terrified that I will have overwhelming cravings and won't be able to stick with the plan. I also worry about getting my 4 year old to eat. I wonder how she will handle 10 days without cheese, bread or yogurt. I've already begun thinking about keeping her on dairy just to make it easier on her but wonder if I will get a good enough read of changes if I don't eliminate everything.

Anyway...I'll be as honest as I'm able and look forward to documenting this experience. And if my 15 month old starts to sleep better and become her old happy, joyful self, it will all be worth it!!!

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