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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why I like to walk

12:15pm - slid 8 month old into wool sweater and poncho and packed into car seat.
12:35pm - picked up 3 year old from school, packed each child into car seat
12:45pm - unbuckled 3 year old, walked around the car, unbuckled infant, slid poncho back on to run quick errand
1:00pm - slid poncho off, buckled infant in, walked around car, buckled 3 year old in
1:15pm - repeated last two steps again as we stopped for lunch
2:00pm - repeated steps again so we could stop off at the library
2:30pm - unbuckled for the last time, slid poncho on, gave everyone a bag to carry in the house.

If we had walked, like I normally do for the library and errands close to home, the infant would have stayed buckled the whole time under a rain shield and the 3 year old would have been walking, riding her bike or scooter. Sometimes being green isn't about some grand philosophy, its just easier!!

Its days like these when I think that living in a rural setting may make us more dependent on driving. Hmmm...something to think about.

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